Read it #18

What is NULL?
If you are good sql programmer, you probably know everything about null. But if you start your adventure with sql you should read it.

Flexbox and absolute positioning
Comparision of absolute and flex positioning.

New CSS for Styling Underlines on the Web
Do you know text-underline-offset, text-decoration-thickness and text-decoration-skip-ink? No? Watch it.
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Read it #14

Pooling large arrays with ArrayPool
Great article about ArrayPool. It’s a high performance pool of managed arrays.
C# memory performance

Which tables should be auto vacuumed or auto analyzed?
I think that title tells us everything.

OAuth authentication with Facebook and ASP.NET Core 3.0
In this article authore covered how to use OAuth to allow users to login from facebook providers. core
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C# library ShellProgressBar

In my career I’ve made a lot of console applications. Purposes of that application was varied but some of them have one common thing: steps/stages. I’ve found out nice library which helps you display steps progress. The name of that library is … ShellProgressBar. Repository of ShellProgessBar is on github. You can use that library with .NET Core. There is a really good documentation on github. So, I’ll show you very simple example of fake import application with ShellProgressBar.

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