Read it #4

SQLite Tips and Tricks for Mobile Developers
I think that title say enough 🙂 Do you use SQLite? Is anyone who don’t? 🙂

Find Out Why Your CSS Isn’t Working! New Firefox DevTools Features
Description of new features of Firefox’s devtools which are very useful to investigate website style’s issues.

PostgreSQL’s indexes – GIN
The explanation of GIN indexes in PostgreSQL. The GIN (Generalized Inverted Index) indexes are very useful for arrays and jsonb.
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Read it #2

Creating Strings with No Allocation Overhead Using String.Create
Very good article about string creating. You will find out how to create strings in high performance way.
.net core

How to Section Your HTML
Article contains information about correct html structure on website.
html good practicies

Bloom Indexes in PostgreSQL
I think that you should read it if you have table that stores a lof of data and has a lot of columns.
postgresql database performance

Metrics to Monitor in Your PostgreSQL Database
Get more information about PostgreSQL monitoring

Machine Learning with ML.NET in UWP: Binary Classification
Read more about binary classification. There are a theory and examples.
.net C# machine learning

8 Techniques to Avoid GC Pressure and Improve Performance in C# .NET
In present time when we run our applications on clouds we should focus more on performance. Why? Because we pay for every resources 😉 Read this article and learn more how to imporve performance of .net applications
.net C#

Background services with IHostedService

I would like to present how to make background services in core with IHostedService.

What is IHostedService

You can use IHostedService to create background tasks in core projects. I used Quartz.NET to similar purposes in the past. I do not want to compare them because it is not purpose of this article :-). So, if you want to create background task you can do that by implementing IHostedService. It’s very simple 🙂

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