Read It #9

C# Serial Port Access – Windows
Is serial port a retro? Maybe 🙂 But there are still areas where we use them.
C# Serial port

File uploads with Blazor
Blazor is quite new part of .NET World. Do you know how to upload file in Blazor? 🙂
ASP.NET Core Blazor C#

Default Interface Members, What Are They Good For?
Default interface members are one of the newest thing in C#. Read when you should use it.

Single-file executables in .NET Core 3
Author shows you how to publish application in one .exe

ApiBoilerPlate: A Project Template for Building ASP.NET Core APIs in .NET Core 3.x
ApiBoilerPlate is useful to create ASP.NET Core APIs. Read how can it help you 😉

A Guide to Create User-Defined Extension Modules to Postgres
Can I write something more than title? 🙂