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Write Better Code Faster with Roslyn Analyzers
Do you use FxCopAnalyzers? If you don’t read it because of maybe you should.

Repository Pattern C#
Back to the basics 🙂
C# design patterns

11 Essential ASP.NET Interview Questions
Are you going to change a job? Read it. Maybe you could better prepare to interview.

The best Twitch and YouTube channels for .NET developers
List of useful .net youtube channels.

A Look at JsonDocument and System.Text.Json
Read about JsonDocument (new functionality in .net core 3.0)

Managing a Secure JSON Web Token Implementation
Good article about JWT

Analyzing native memory allocation with BenchmarkDotNet
As author wrote: In this post, you will learn how to analyze native memory allocations in your code.
C# performance

Comparing Temporary Tables for PostgreSQL & Oracle GTT
The comparison of temporary tables in postgresql and oracle.
postgresql oracle

WPF Window Closing Errors
Article about this error: Cannot set Visibility to Visible or call Show, ShowDialog, Close, or WindowInteropHelper.EnsureHandle while a Window is closing.