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SQLite Tips and Tricks for Mobile Developers
I think that title say enough πŸ™‚ Do you use SQLite? Is anyone who don’t? πŸ™‚

Find Out Why Your CSS Isn’t Working! New Firefox DevTools Features
Description of new features of Firefox’s devtools which are very useful to investigate website style’s issues.

PostgreSQL’s indexes – GIN
The explanation of GIN indexes in PostgreSQL. The GIN (Generalized Inverted Index) indexes are very useful for arrays and jsonb.

Using the BodyReader and BodyWriter in ASP.NET Core 3.0
Are you working on service which have to handle many many request per second? Maybe this article will be useful.
.net core C#

Retry failed HTTP requests in Angular
I think that title tells everything.

Postgresql Interval, Date, Timestamp and Time Data Types
Repeat your knowledge about date data types.

How to see the terminal commands you use most on Linux
Do you know how to check commands history in Linux? If you don’t read it.