Read it #1

I would like to recommend below articles to read by you. I think that they are interesting 😉 I’m going to publish posts containing list like below every week.

Top Open Source Core Content Management System (CMS)
Are you looking for CMS? Try one of made in .NET Core
.net core cms

.NET Core Diagnostics Overview
Get information about disagnostic of .net core applications.
.net core

Exploring 10 Postgres Tips and Tricks
Watch video about postgresql tips and tricks (hardware monitoring, backend flowcharting, timing query intervals, GUC Variables, Transactional DDL).

Indexes in PostgreSQL — 9 (BRIN)
Do you use postgresql? If you use I’ll recommend you read this article. Imporove your knowledge about BRIN indexes.

CSS Architecture — Folders & Files Structure
This article is about good css architecture.

70 Best Kubernetes Tutorials
Are you going to learn kubernetes? Maybe you can find useful tutorial there.