Hello, I'm software developer from Poland. I'm very glad that you visit my website. You can find some articles, books recommendations and some details about me here.

About me

letys I'm specialized in .net but I'm also familiar with C/C++ and java (android).

Last articles

RabbitMq and .net core
I would like to show how to use RabbitMQ and .NET Core. So, I prepared example email queue to send emails.
RabbitMQ, .net core, c#
backbone.js + WebAPI
I'll present you how to use backbone.js with WebAPI. If you don't know anything about backbone.js you can find useful links in this artcile also.
JavaScript, ASP.NET WebAPI, backbone.js
Android Studio - short keys
I decide to write about short keys in Android Studio which I use mostly. But I found great articles about them and you can find also links to those articles.
android studio, android

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